What is AllSaints?

AllSaints is a Speciality Coffee Shop and Sandwich Company that serves the very best coffee, the very best sandwiches and offers the very best support for local young people. Allsaints is a social enterprise which provides employment and accredited training to local young people through the government apprenticeship scheme.

AllSaints is based in Leatherhead, run from our centre in All Saints Church (aka BFree Youth Cafe). We are open to members of the public from 8am-3pm six days a week and then continue to be open to young people after school and in the evenings.

Who is Leatherhead Youth Project?

Leatherhead Youth Project launched in 2005 to provide much needed services for socially and economically disadvantaged young people in Leatherhead North. Their aim is to help young people be safe, happy, resilient, and able to make positive changes in their own lives and in their community.

LYP take a relational and positive approach which provides support and skills to young people, helping them to overcome barriers and build a brighter future. The team is made up of experienced youth workers and counsellors who care about the local community, and between them have a total of 40 years of delivering services to young people in Leatherhead.

What was the dream?

For a number of years we had dreamed about starting a business which could employ local young people who had been unable to find a job elsewhere.
After thinking about our skills and the space we have, we decided to launch a speciality coffee shop from our own building, and in October 2014 AllSaints was opened to the public.

Allsaints is managed by Martin Jewson and staffed by young apprentices, who will work with us for one year, earning money and achieving their apprenticeship in customer service.

Want to get involved?

AllSaints is a social enterprise that is wide open for innovation and wants to encourage people to give ideas. We also need as much publicity as possible, being hidden away in a Church building, people often don’t know we exist so we need people to keep spreading the word about our great coffee and lovely atmosphere. The biggest support anyone could offer is simply continuing to buy our coffee as it really is changing the lives of young people in Leatherhead.

Our Sponsors & Supporters

We would like to thank the following organisations and groups for generously supporting our work with grant funding and support.

The Allsaints team

We are very blessed to have formed such a great team that works incredibly well together, not only to deliver excellent customer service but also to help each other excel. Come and meet the team for yourself and discover relaxing atmosphere and the great coffee.

Team Photoshoot

We were very generously approached by an amazing photographer Pedro Portela. Pedro had heard about Allsaints on BBC radio Surrey and was inspired to learn more about what we do and what makes us different to ever other coffee shop….

Best Retailer of the year

The team are happy to announce that AllSaint has been awarded the retailer of 2015. Attending the business awards was tremendous, enjoying a 3-course meal and networking with the different business in Leatherhead it was really a lifetime experience for Codie and myself….

BBC Radio Surrey

We had an amazing impromptu visit from Clare at BBC Surrey. Clare has been keeping up to date with Allsaint’s progression since the day we opened. Luckily once she heard that we have celebrated our first birthday she wanted to spread the…

Allsaints celebrates our first birthday

What an amazing first birthday event we had. Thank you all that came and for your continued support for Allsaints and the team of young people we support.