Our Espresso

All are coffees are served with two shots of Javascript and British milk. Javascript is our seasonal espresso blend, roasted to take full advantage of the high pressure and pace brewing style of increasingly omnipresent espresso machines, this coffee is crafted to shine as espresso. With seasonally changing components, this blend is a journey through continents and time, with ever changing nuances of flavour but ever present spirit that is all about sweetness, body, balance and lingering aftertaste. Its last component, that we take a lot of pride in is that our coffee is certified organic.

The Roaster

To them, coffee roasting is a form of art. They only source and roast some of the finest speciality grade organic Arabica green coffees. In every coffee that they source, they seek to uncover and underline its unique character and taste. The green beans are taken through a process in a traditional small batch drum roaster where in the hands of the roast master they evolve from green to roasted. BeanBerry are based in Woking and serving locally roasted coffee is very important to us. If you would like to find out more just head to their website.

Brew Guide

To brew great coffee isn't difficult, but it does require some basic principles to be observed

COFFEE Use good fresh coffee. It is best to grind your coffee right before brewing. Burr grinders are the best.

COFFEE TO WATER RATIO Use 6 g coffee for every 100 ml of water - this is a good starting point. Using simple kitchen scales for this is the best. You may want to upsize the water quantity slightly, to allow for retention of water in the grinds at the end of the brewing process.

Brew guide

BREWING WATER TEMPERATURES Ideal water temperature for brewing coffee is 92-93 degrees C. In most of hand brewing methods, the water is boiled and then left to cool. Using a kitchen thermometer will help you find the right point to start brewing your coffee. Allow for the fact that as your brew your coffee the temperature of your water will be gradually falling.

BREWING TIME The ideal brewing time is between 3 and 5 minutes. Extending brewing time beyond 5 minutes will make your coffee taste increasingly bitter. Shortening the brewing time will result in under-extraction and coffee tasting thin.

WHOLE BEANS OR GROUND COFFEE? Whole beans. Ground coffee loses its freshness incredibly fast. However, if you do not have a coffee grinder and would like us to grind your beans, select the relevant grind option at the bottom of the product page.

Team Photoshoot

We were very generously approached by an amazing photographer Pedro Portela. Pedro had heard about Allsaints on BBC radio Surrey and was inspired to learn more about what we do and what makes us different to ever other coffee shop….

Best Retailer of the year

The team are happy to announce that AllSaint has been awarded the retailer of 2015. Attending the business awards was tremendous, enjoying a 3-course meal and networking with the different business in Leatherhead it was really a lifetime experience for Codie and myself….

BBC Radio Surrey

We had an amazing impromptu visit from Clare at BBC Surrey. Clare has been keeping up to date with Allsaint’s progression since the day we opened. Luckily once she heard that we have celebrated our first birthday she wanted to spread the…

Allsaints celebrates our first birthday

What an amazing first birthday event we had. Thank you all that came and for your continued support for Allsaints and the team of young people we support.